Camp Foodie 2019

Week 1 - Aug 5-9

Camp was off to a great start with fun ice breaker games, a first recipe of creamsicle smoothies, followed by homemade grilled cheese sandwiches and local sweet corn. Discussion about local food touched on how less travel time is good because food has more nutritional value when it is first picked, it travels less miles putting less carbon emissions in the atmosphere, and it supports our local farmers and economy. An amazing team of camp leaders and volunteers help our camp days run smoothly!

Huge thank you goes out to Rayna Hartle, Morgan McLeish, Hailey Harper, Zoe Mannerow, Devon McLeish and of course, Scott Fergusson, Marianne Janes, GlenStarkey, and Ron VanHorne.

Another fun start to the day with energizer games and music that the campers enjoy! A visit from Brandon and Courtney from the Forest Fire Department teachers campers all about fire safety in the kitchen. Identifying mistakes like pot handles turned out, too many cords in an outlet, no working smoke detector and more gets kids thinking about their own practices in the kitchen at home. Homemade chicken fingers made with multigrain tortilla chips was a hit for lunch!”

Campers make a “cookie dough dip” for apple slices and graham crackers, made with a surprising chickpea base. Conversation about the importance of proteins that we get from meat alternatives such as legumes, has all kids trying it. And while it wasn’t everybody’s favourite, we have coined the term “thank you bite”. Campers all try everything they make because it is important that kids constantly try new foods, flavours and textures to keep their palettes open. Homemade macaroni and cheese was a hit for lunch and so pleased to see our campers doing the dishes!”

A field trip today to the Forest Glen Herb Farm to learn all about biodynamic farming from Cynthia Cook. Campers enjoy hearing about the beneficial insects that keep things in balance on the farm, from frogs and turtles that eat bugs that would otherwise eat food crops, to wasps that build their nests and rid the farm of spiders as they feed them to their young! The smells are amazing as Cynthia has campers smell all the herbs from pineapple sage, to peppermint, to rosemary and more. She sends the kids off with herbs to make homemade sauce for pizza, greens for their salad and a their very own basil plant, which she has instructed them to pronounce correctly: bAsil (hard A), the word coming from “basilica”, the Italian word for church!”

Our last day starts with a hilarious game of giant musical chairs. Campers make strawberry milkshake smoothies for morning snack and gear up for a busy day of cooking to build their own personal pizzas. Kneading their own dough, blending their own marinara sauce with herbs from yesterday’s visit to the Forest Glen Herb Farm, and learning how to cut a fresh pineapple to choose as a topping, Camp Foodie is a veritable fresh pizzeria today! Every camp needsĀ to finish with fun and so it’s outdoors we go to play water games to cool off. Campers leave with the gift of an apron they have had the chance to decorate and a collection of the recipes they made. Lots of warm good byes, hugs and positive feedback from parents at the door:)

As director, Sheila Ward, elementary teacher and chef of LOCA Farm to Table Food, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the campers, our Camp Leaders Rayna Hartle, Morgan McLeish, Hailey Harper, our student volunteers Devon McLeish and Zoe Mannerow, and the tremendous kitchen help from Marianne Janes and Scott Ferguson. It was always nice to see Glen Starkey and Ron VanHorne popping in to say hello and visit the camp, and it is wonderful to be a part of the great work that the Forest Optimists, Kiwanis and LaFFF are sharing in our community!